AIM Tools, The All-in-One Automation Utility

Simple, Fast and Complete

Many people waste time staring at their computers trying to decide what to do next. It takes more time and effort to become proficient with a Windows application than many people can afford. And when it comes to mixing applications to complete one project, most people throw their hands up in frustration.

If your hands are waving in the air, then AIM Tools is for you. AIM Tools is a complete 32-bit utility that gives you a true all-in-one command center. Take the keystrokes out of common tasks. Combine all the functions of AIM Tools in one convenient accessible toolbar and the power at your fingertips leaps tenfold, in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This “must have” utility includes:

  • Desktop Toolbar
  • Application launcher
  • Unattended event processor
  • Macro recorder
  • AimBasic, 32-bit macro language

Save Time, Speed Up Learning and Eliminate Mistakes

Do you find yourself spending more time printing reports everyday than writing them? Do you complete the same tasks over and over? Do employees asking procedural questions constantly interrupt your work? Are you looking for a way to cut training costs and time? AIM Tools can do this and more.

Set up your repeat procedures once and let AIM Tools remember them. Completion of your tasks will be perfect every time. Leave AIM Tools running while you’re away and come back to find your To Do list finished. Configure toolbars and macros to execute complex tasks and give them to new employees to cut learning curves and help them get up to speed quickly.

The scheduling function under the Events Tab allows you to schedule time-consuming tasks such as downloading data, performing system maintenance procedures, or backing up files when your computer is unattended. You can run events in a variety of pre-configured preferences such as daily, weekly, weekends or yearly. Once you’ve automated your first tasks, you’ll immediately see the unbelievable productivity increases with this simple, easy to use, revolutionary product.

Easy to Use, Easy to Customize

AIM Tools includes over 500 pre-configured functions, scripts, and macros that are easy to customize and configure. We also include many pre-configured custom toolbars for today’s most popular applications to get you up and running with ease.