AIM Keys, The All-in-One Macro Utility

With AIM Keys 6, and it’s universal macro features that can now be APPLICATION specific, you can quickly and easily record and playback a complex series of keystrokes with a single text or key shortcut.

AIM Keys 6 – Simple, timesaving macro utility – Now even better!

Download the latest AIM Keys V.6 full 30 day eval now!

AIM Keys Features include

ALL NEW – Macro Scoping
Now ONE shortcut can run in more than one application!

ALL NEW – Quicklist!
New Quicklist design & functionality: Simplified Add New Item. Ability to have custom width/height of the list dialog. Ability to choose between the information columns displayed. QuickList run dialog resizeable, and now has a maximum of 5 columns with various macro info, in any order. The QuickList autoupdates its list of macros upon run or edit mode, in order to detect and remove ‘dead’ or obsolete macros.

NEW – Updater (Help->Updater) that can be used to download the latest patches and releases

Commands are now much easier to perform key/text shortcut sequences. Internet and Email commands have also been streamlined to make navigation easier.

Security options. Now you may secure every facet of AIM Keys interface from macros to the entire application. Encrypt your sensitive macros such as passwords to prevent others from using or viewing them.

Expanded Macro Wizard. Over 25 new macros can be created via the wizard, which makes adding special commands or complex macros much easier and faster.

Data Sharing. Now you can easily import and export option settings through the improved export feature.

Data Manipulation and Navigation. You can now merge data files and drag and drop macros or folders within a data file or from one data file to another.

Data Storage. Data is now stored in ONE file. No more multiple files to deal with.

Batch Processing. You can run a macro without running the application and selecting the macro.

Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista ready. AIM Keys has been optimized to work on the newest operating systems including Windows Server 2008!